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03/04/10 - NNHS Newsletter -
March Forth on the Fourth

“March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection.
March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life's path.

- Kahlil Gibran
(06 Jan 1883 - 10 Apr 1931)


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Dear Friends and Schoolmates, 

   Today is the only day of the year which when spoken in English forms a sentence. 
And that, of course, is cause enough for celebration today - just as it was last year: 

Today would have been the 87th Birthday of our Former Principal,   Mr. William Etheridge (deceased - 04/19/05)!
   Happy Birthday tomorrow to
Hazel Pegram Southall ('57) AND Helen Pegram Ignace ('57) AND   Jeanie Scruggs Anderson ('65) of VA!

  Happy Birthday this week to:

07 -   Shirley Eanes Matthews ('66) of VA;
08 -
   Mildred Mae Linkous Spriggs ('38) of VA - 1921 (deceased 07/04/07) - also Mother of        Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA AND Doris Burns ('38) - also Mother of    Steve Burns ('65) of MN;

09 - Patrick Burke ('57) AND   Bobby Hilling ('62) of VA AND   Katie Haan Spaulding ('64) of CA;
10 -
  Helen Avant Neal ('57) of VA
AND (if Plaxo is to be believed) Bill Douthat ('66) of VA;

11 - Margaret Blayton Cowan ('57) AND   Nancy Horton Wilkes ('62) of FL AND  Shirley Caudill Williamson ('65) of VA!

   Many Happy Returns to You All!


March 4, 1941 - The United Kingdom launched Operation Claymore on the Lofoten Islands.

March 4, 1944 - After the success of Big Week, the USAAF began a daylight bombing campaign of Berlin.

March 4, 1945 - In the United Kingdom, Princess Elizabeth, later to become Queen Elizabeth II, joined the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service as a driver.

March 4, 1945 - Lapland War: Finland declared war on Nazi Germany.


Thursday, March 4, 1965 - Filmmaker Paul W. S. Anderson was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, UK.

Thursday, March 4, 1965 - Journalist Andrew Collins was born in Northampton, England.

Thursday, March 4, 1965 - Actress Stacy Edwards was born in Glasgow, Montana.

Thursday, March 4, 1965 - Author and physician Khaled Hosseini was born in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Thursday, March 4, 1965 - German rave techno DJ WestBam was born Maximillian Lenz in Münster, Westphalia, Germany.

Thursday, March 4, 1965 - Cosmonaut Yuri Lonchakov was born in Balkhash, Kazakhstan.

Thursday, March 4, 1965 - Castaway Jonathan Shearer was born in Glasgow, Scotland.


     From Me ('65) of IL - 03/03/10 - "Broken Links":

   It will be quite some time before I've located and corrected all the thousands (literally!) of non-functioning links.  Meanwhile, when you reach one which contains the characters ".00freehost", simply click on it, then delete those letters from the URL bar, and hit "Enter". That should work. Thanks!

  From Jim Elliott ('61) of AK - 03/03/10, 01:40 AM - "RE: 'We are back online - sorta. YEA!!!'":

Carol, despite numerous attempts, I could not get the link to the 2010 newsletters via the new site.

   Yeah, that didn't really happen until several hours later - but we're back now! Thanks, Jim!

       From Bill Lee (Warwick HS - '54) of NC - 03/03/10, 5:53 AM - "New server feedback":


FYI, I clicked on the link in your latest email at oh-dark-thirty (around 6:30 AM, EST) this morning and the NNHS 65 home page popped up just fine.
Checked a few other pages - Blog and 2010 Newsletters opened; Site Map did not. Knowing you are still loading stuff, I didn't go further, but it's obvious that you're well on your way to total restoration!
Congrats -
Bill Lee 

   Thanks so much, Bill! It's been a long haul! 

     From Liz Breeden ('61) of VA - 03/03/10, 5:06 PM - "RE: 'We are back online - sorta. YEA!!!'":  

Looking forward to it.

   Oh, so was I, Liz, so was I! Thanks!

  From My Friend, Judy Bundy Bowermaster (Litchfield HS, IL - '59) of IL - 03/03/10 - "Newest Savannah":

  AWWW! What a doll baby! Thanks, Jude!

   And speaking of babies.....

     From Me ('65) of IL - 03/04/10 - "Babies":

   Yesterday I was sitting here thinking it was about time for           my #6 Son, Dale Harty, (Hillsboro HS, IL / American School, IL - '02) and his wife,   Diana Lyons Harty (Portsmouth HS, NH / Eastlake HS, CA - '05), of MA to find out what their new baby would be.  About an hour later, the phone rang.  They were heading home from their sonogram which revealed, "IT'S A GIRL!"

   She's due on or about July 29, their second child. (She'll be our thirteenth grandchild, sixth granddaughter.)

   And then they put that adorable little      Buckley on the phone (he'll be two on June 14), and he said, "Hi, Grammie!"

   And Grammie melted.
   Congratulations, Chickadees!

  From Jerry ('65) and    Judy Phillips ('66) Allen of VA - 03/03/10 - "Powerful message":

It's history!
I AM PROUD TO FORWARD THIS VIDEO TO YOU..... - One Nation Under God - Jon McNaughton

   And I'm proud to pass along this remarkable work of Latter-day Saint artist, Jon McNaughton, too! Thanks, Sweetie-Pies!

      From My Niece, Shari, of VA - 03/03/10 - "•✶• Beautiful •✶•":

Beautiful - Christina Aguilera ...One of my favorite videos about acceptance - Learning to love and accept others, despite whatever traits desires or lifestyles a person may have. When we learn to not judge others, but only what is right for ourselves we become a more loving people.

Don't look at me

Every day is so wonderful
And suddenly, I saw debris
Now and then, I get insecure
From all the pain, I'm so ashamed

I am beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring me down
I am beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring me down
So don't you bring me down today

To all your friends, you're delirious
So consumed in all your doom
Trying hard to fill the emptiness
The piece is gone left the puzzle undone
That's the way it is

You are beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring you down
You are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring you down
Don't you bring me down today...

No matter what we do
(no matter what we do)
No matter what they say
(no matter what they say)
When the sun is shining through
Then the clouds won't stay

And everywhere we go
(everywhere we go)
The sun won't always shine
(sun won't always shine)
But tomorrow will find a way
All the other times

'Cause we are beautiful no matter what they say
Yes, words won't bring us down, oh no
We are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring us down
Don't you bring me down today

Don't you bring me down today
Don't you bring me down today

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Literal meaning


This saying first appeared in the 3rd century BC in Greek. It didn't appear in its current form in print until the 19th century, but in the meantime there were various written forms that expressed much the same thought. In 1588, the English dramatist John Lyly, in his Euphues and his England, wrote:

" neere is Fancie to Beautie, as the pricke to the Rose, as the stalke to the rynde, as the earth to the roote."

Shakespeare expressed a similar sentiment in Love's Labours Lost, 1588:

Good Lord Boyet, my beauty, though but mean,
Needs not the painted flourish of your praise:
Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye,
Not utter'd by base sale of chapmen's tongues

Benjamin Franklin, in Poor Richard's Almanack, 1741, wrote:

Beauty, like supreme dominion
Is but supported by opinion.

David Hume's Essays, Moral and Political, 1742, include:

"Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them."

   Thanks so much, Shari!

  From Ruth Ann Reece Horace ('67) of FL - 03/03/10 - "HELLO, OPERATOR! - Actual call center conversations!":

HELLO, OPERATOR! - Actual call center conversations! 

Customer:  'I've been calling 700-1000 for two days and can't get through; can you help?'
Operator:      'Where did you get that number, sir?'
Customer:     'It's on the door of your business.'
Operator:     'Sir, those are the hours that we are open.'


Samsung Electronics
Caller:          'Can you give me the telephone number for Jack?'
Operator:     'I'm sorry, sir, I don't understand who you are talking about.'
Caller:          'On page 1, section 5, of the user guide it clearly states that I   
                   need to unplug the fax machine from the AC wall socket and   
                   telephone Jack before cleaning. Now, can you give me the 
                   number for Jack?'
Operator:      'I think it means the telephone plug on the wall.'


RAC Motoring Services
Caller:         'Does your European Breakdown Policy cover me when I am 
                   traveling in Australia ?'
Operator:     'Does the policy name give you a clue?'


Caller (enquiring about legal requirements while traveling in Europe)
'If I register my car in France, and then take it to England, do I have to change the steering wheel to the other side of the car?' 


Directory Enquiries
Caller:  'I'd like the number of the Argo Fish Bar, please'
Operator: 'I'm sorry, there's no listing. Are you sure that the spelling is correct?'
Caller: 'Well, it used to be called the Bargo Fish Bar but the 'B' fell off.' 

------------------ ----------------------------------------------------

Then there was the caller who asked for a knitwear company in Woven.
Operator:        'Woven? Are you sure?'
Caller:             'Yes.. That's what it says on the label -- Woven in Scotland ...' 


On another occasion, a man making heavy breathing sounds from a phone box told a 
worried operator: 'I haven't got a pen, so I'm steaming up the window to write the number on.'


Tech Support:      'I need you to right-click on the Open Desktop.'
Customer:             'OK.'
Tech Support:      'Did you get a pop-up menu?'
Customer:             'No.'
Tech Support:      'OK. Right-Click again. Do you see a pop-up menu?'
Customer:             'No.'
Tech Support:      'OK, sir. Can you tell me what you have done up until this point?'
Customer:            'Sure. You told me to write 'click' and I wrote 'click'.' 


Tech Support:      'OK. At the bottom left hand side of your screen, can 
                           you see the 'OK' button displayed?'
Customer:            'Wow! How can you see my screen from there?'


Caller:  'I deleted a file from my PC last week and I just realized that I need it.
So, if I turn my system clock back two weeks will I get my file back again?'

This has to be one of the funniest things in a long time. I think this guy should have been 
promoted, not fired. This is a true story from the WordPerfect Helpline, which was
transcribed from a recording monitoring the customer care department...............
Needless to say the Help Desk employee was fired; however, he/she is currently
suing the WordPerfect organization for 'Termination without Cause..'

Actual dialogue of a former WordPerfect Customer Support employee.
(Now I know why they record these conversations!): 

Operator:         'Ridge Hall, computer assistance; may I help you?'
Caller:              'Yes, well, I'm having trouble with WordPerfect .'
Operator:         'What sort of trouble??'
Caller:              'Well, I was just typing along, and all of a sudden the words went away.'
Operator:         'Went away?'
Caller:              'They disappeared'
Operator:         'Hmm. So what does your screen look like now?'
Caller:              'Nothing.'
Operator:         'Nothing??'
Caller:              'It's blank; it won't accept anything when I type.'
Operator:         'Are you still in WordPerfect, or did you get out?'
Caller:              'How do I tell?'
Operator:        'Can you see the 'C: prompt' on the screen?'
Caller:              'What's a sea-prompt?'
Operator:         'Never mind, can you move your cursor around the screen?'
Caller:              'There isn't any cursor; I told you, it won't accept anything I type..'
Operator:         'Does your monitor have a power indicator??'
Caller:              'What's a monitor?'
Operator:         'It's the thing with the screen on it that looks like a TV. 
                        Does it have a little light that tells you when it's on?'
Caller:               'I don't know...'
Operator:          'Well, then look on the back of the monitor and find where 
                        the power cord goes into it.. Can you see that??'
Caller:              'Yes, I think so.'
Opera tor:         'Great. Follow the cord to the plug, and tell me if it's 
                       plugged into the wall..
Caller:              'Yes, it is.'
Operator:         'When you were behind the monitor, did you notice that 
                        there were two cables plugged into the back of it, not just one? '
Caller:               'No.'
Operator:          'Well, there are. I need you to look back there again and 
                        find the other cable.'
Caller:               'Okay, here it is.'
Operator:          'Follow it for me, and tell me if it's plugged securely into 
                      the back of your computer..'
Caller:               'I can't reach.'
Operator:          'OK. Well, can you see if it is?'
Caller:               'No..'
Operator:          'Even if you maybe put your knee on something and lean way over?'
Caller:               'Well, it's not because I don't have the right angle -- it's because it's dark.'
Operator:          'Dark?'
Caller:               'Yes - the office light is off, and the only light I have is 
                        coming in from the window.'
Operator:           'Well, turn on the office light then.'
Caller:               'I can't.'
Operator:          'No? Why not?'
Caller:              'Because there's a power failure.'
Operator:           'A power ..... A power failure? Aha. Okay, we've got it   
                        licked now. Do you still have the boxes and manuals and   
                        packing stuff that your computer came in?'
Caller:                'Well, yes, I keep them in the closet..'
Operator:           'Good. Go get them, and unplug your system and pack it   
                         up just like it was when you got it. Then take it back to 
                         the store you bought it from.'
Caller:                'Really? Is it that bad?'
Operator:           'Yes, I'm afraid it is.'
Caller:                'Well, all right then, I suppose. What do I tell them?'
Operator:           'Tell them you're too darned stupid to own a computer!'

   Thanks, Ruthie!

  From Judy Phillips Allen ('66) of VA - 02/18/10 - "Panda Therapy (#7 in a Series of 19)":

I love these Panda emails!  I hope you get the "warm fuzzies", too!

Is it any wonder the world has fallen in love with these animals?


   Yes, I do! Thanks, Judy!

 Oops!   Slight miscalculation.  


  From Jane Chambers of VA - 07/01/09 AND 02/07/10 - "CNC BOOK BROCHURE & AD" AND 61-62 DECADERS ADDENDA:

   Contact Dr. Chambers at

   Thanks, Jane!


From ArcaMax Jokes - 03/03/10:

Excited Father

The new father ran out of the delivery room and announced to the rest of his family who were waiting for the news: "We had twins!"

The family was so excited they immediately asked, "Who do they look like?"

The father paused, smiled, and said, "Each other!"


1. Saturday, March 6, 2010 - Hunt for Hampton History - - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

2. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 16, 17, and 18, 2010 - The NNHS Class of 1953 will hold its 57-Year Reunion. For details, contact Robert Walker at (757) 596-7722 or Betty Burns at (757) 223-9488 - CLASS OF 1953

3.Saturday, April 24, 2010,11:30 AM - The NNHS Class of 1954 will hold a 56-Year Mini-Reunion Luncheon at The Chamberlin.
For details, contact Mickey Marcella at (757) 249-3800 or Betty Hamby Neher at (757) 898-5099 or Dr. Harry Simpson at (804) 694-0346 -

4. Friday and Saturday, August 6 and 7, 2010 - The NNHS Class of 1970 will hold its 40-Year Reunion. Saturday night will be at the Kiln Creek Golf & Country Club. For details, contact Carol Comer Cutler at or visit the reunion website at - CLASS OF 1970

5. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, August 6, 7, and  8, 2010 - The NNHS Class of 1960 will hold its 50-Year Reunion at the Marriott Newport News at City Center. For details, contact Karen Weinstein Witte at - CLASS OF 1960

6. Friday and Saturday, October 15 and 16, 2010 - The NNHS Class of 1965 will hold its 45-Year Reunion at the Point Plaza Hotel, 950 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard, Newport News, VA 23601. For details, contact Dave Arnold at

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   Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!  We'll Always Have Buckroe!

                                   Love to all, Carol





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Radetzky March

- Johann Strauss I
(14 Mar 1804 - 25 Sept 1849)

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