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02/22/22 - NNHS Newsletter
Tuesday Afternoon

“Yes, my name is Joe Glub-Glub. I live at Twoty-two, Two-ty two Boogie Woogie Avenue.”

- Miles Nowitzky (11 Jan 1932 - 05 May 2005), Granby High School Class of 1950, to random telemarketers

Dear Friends and Schoolmates, 

      Today is the long awaited 2/22/22.

BONUS #1 - Tuesday Afternoon - The Moody Blues, 1967

BONUS #2 - Happy Twosday, 2/22/22 - Abby Clutario


"Tuesday Afternoon" (sometimes referred to as "Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)", or simply "Forever Afternoon") is a 1968 single by English symphonic rock band the Moody Blues, which was presented in its original album form on their 1967 album Days of Future Passed in two parts.

The song was originally released on The Moody Blues 1967 album Days of Future Passed, a concept album chronicling a typical day. On the album, it was part one of "The Afternoon" track titled "Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)". Justin Hayward said that he wrote the song on a Tuesday afternoon in Lypiatt Park, in western England near Stroud. Hayward's mother had taken him and his brother to the park while they were growing up, and he revisited the park during the production of Days of Future Passed to write the song.[1]

Justin Hayward wrote the song originally intending to name it "Tuesday Afternoon". At the insistence of producer Tony Clarke, it was named "Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)" for its release on Days of Future Passed. However, when it was released as a single a year later, its name was changed back to "Tuesday Afternoon". Some of the Moody Blues compilation and live albums list the song as "Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)" to reflect both titles.

"Tuesday Afternoon" was released as a single in 1968 and was the second single from Days of Future Passed (the first being "Nights in White Satin"). It was backed with another Days track, "Another Morning". Cash Box said that it is a "stunning teen-aimed ballad picks up rhythmic punch in a development."[2]

On Days of Future Passed, the London Festival Orchestra performs the final orchestral rendition of the chorus. This orchestral link between parts one and two of the song was recorded separately from the Moodys' portions. The link was arranged by Peter Knight, who arranged orchestral sections for the entire album. However, for the single release and subsequent releases on compilation albums, this orchestral finale was not included and the song simply faded out during Thomas's flute solo. The Moody Blues 1994 compilation album, Time Traveller, marked the first time the orchestral link was included on a compilation. Its release on 1998's Anthology also included the first-portion orchestral finale.

 From Barry Markovsky in The Conversation, 02/17/22 - "Happy Twosday!:

"Happy Twosday! Why numbers like 2/22/22 have been too fascinating for over 2,000 years - This Feb. 22, the world hits an unprecedented milestone. It’s the date itself: 2/22/22. And this so-called “Twosday” falls on a Tuesday, no less.
It’s true the number pattern stands out, impossible to miss. But does it mean anything? Judging by the thousands of commemorative products available for purchase online, it may appear to.

“Twosday” carries absolutely no historical significance or any cosmic message. Yet it does speak volumes about our brains and cultures.

I’m a social psychologist who studies how paranormal claims and pseudoscience take hold as popular beliefs. They’re nearly always absurd from a scientific perspective, but they’re great for illustrating how brains, people, groups and cultures work together to create shared meaning..."



   Happy Birthday today to Ronald Bass ('57) AND Janice Clark Palmer ('63) AND Curt Lauterbach ('65) of VA AND Billy Reece ('68) of ID!

  Happy Birthday tomorrow to Richard Prince ('57) AND Tommy Payne ('63) of VA!

  Happy Birthday this week to:

24 - The late Carrie Forrest Fox ('52) (d. 02 July 2019) AND   Debi Fink Golden ('65) of MA;
25 - Peggy Wellington Craft ('57)
AND the President of the Class of 1965,   Joe Wingo of NC;

27 -  Evelyn Vretos ('55) of VA AND    Phil Hammond ('64) of FL AND   My Grandson, Azrae Woods (Penn Foster HS, AZ - '23) of NC;

28 - The late Wayne Agee ('58) (d. 21 Dec 2021);

29 - Happy Leap Year Day Birthday to the late Bob Schweida ('54) (d. 16 Apr 2018)!

   Many Happy Returns to You All!


February 22, 1872 - The Prohibition Party held its first national convention in Columbus, Ohio, nominating James Black as its presidential nominee.[12]


February 22, 1942 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered General Douglas MacArthur out of the Philippines as the Japanese victory became inevitable.

February 22, 1943 - Members of White Rose resistance, Sophie Scholl, Hans Scholl, and Christoph Probst, were executed in Nazi Germany.

February 22, 1944 - American aircraft mistakenly bombed the Dutch towns of Nijmegen, Arnhem, Enschede and Deventer, resulting in 800 dead in Nijmegen alone.

February 22, 1944 - The Soviet Red Army recaptured Krivoi Rog.


February 22, 1972 - The Official Irish Republican Army detonated a car bomb at Aldershot barracks, killing seven and injuring nineteen others.[24]

February 22, 1972 - Tennis player and coach Michael Chang was born Michael Te-Pei Chang in Hoboken, New Jersey.

February 22, 1972 - Speed skater Claudia Pechstein was born in East Berlin, East Germany.

February 22, 1972 - Footballer Haim Revivo was born  Haim Michael Revivo in Ashdod, Israel.

From My Friend, Daniel, of UT - 02/20/15:

“Prayer is the pulsation of a yearning, loving heart in tune with the Infinite. It is a message of the soul sent directly to a loving Father. The language is not mere words.”

- David O. McKay
(08 Sept 1873 - 18 Jan 1970)

   Thank you, Daniel!

From Joan Lauterbach Krause ('60) of VA - 05/29/18:

   Thank you, Joan!

From My Friend, Ann, of MO - 02/22/22:


 Angel Numbers…

    YAY! Thank you, Ann!


From My Cousin Jean's Daughter, Samantha, of VA - 02/22/22:

  WHY, SO IT IS! Thank you, Samantha!

  From John Murden ('60) of VA - 02/21/22:

  Never too old/too late for this!

     INDEED! Thank you, John!


From Carlene Matthews Vannoy ('60 / '64) of VA - 02/21/19:

    Thanks, Carlene!

From Kathy Morrow Glazier ('67) of VA - 02/21/18:

  BRILLIANT! Thank you, Kathy!

  From Me ('65) of NC - 02/21/18:

  While we're on the subject...

“Can she sing? She's practically a Florence Nightingale.”

- Samuel Goldwyn, film producer
(17 Aug  1882 - 31 Jan


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From - 02/21/19:

Mr. Peterson, a tourist from Toronto, arrived in Barbados. In an airport taxi cab, Peterson asked the driver, "Say, is this really a healthful place?"

"It sure is," the cabby replied. "When I arrived here I couldn't say one word. I had hardly any hair on my head. I didn't have the strength to walk across a room, and I had to be lifted out of bed."

"That's wonderful!" said the tourist, "How long have you been here?"

"I was born here."

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   Y'all take good care of each other! TYPHOONS FOREVER! 
We'll Always Have Buckroe!

                          Love to all, Carol





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Tuesday Afternoon

Lyrics and Music by Justin Hayward (b. 14 Oct 1946)

Recorded by The Moody Blues, 1967

Tuesday afternoon
I'm just beginning to see
Now I'm on my way
It doesn't matter to me
Chasing the clouds away

Something calls to me
The trees are drawing me near
I've got to find out why
Those gentle voices I hear
Explain it all with a sigh

I'm looking at myself, reflections of my mind
It's just the kind of day to leave myself behind
So gently swaying through the fairy-land of love
If you'll just come with me and see the beauty of

Tuesday afternoon
Tuesday afternoon

Tuesday afternoon
I'm just beginning to see
Now I'm on my way
It doesn't matter to me
Chasing the clouds away

Something calls to me
The trees are drawing me near
I've got to find out why
Those gentle voices I hear
Explain it all with a sigh

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