01/21/05 - NNHS Newsletter -
Stonewall Jackson's Birthday

Thomas Jonathan Jackson
(21 Jan 1824 - 10 May 1863)


Dear Friends and Schoolmates,   

   This Newsletter bears an amazing resemblance to the last one, doesn't it?  GIGGLES!!!  We have more surprises for you again today! 


1. Mike Leonard ('68) of VA - 01/20/05:

Yes, by all means sign me up. My birthday is June 18 and I graduated in 1968. My full name is Gary Michael Leonard,
but my friends knew me as Mike.
It is amazing how fabulous this web site is. Your hours spent on it must be enormous!! I am active in selling on eBay
and I know how much time that consumes, but if we enjoy what we're doing it is not work to us. I am a collector of sorts
myself so I am always running across interesting things that I will share from time to time.
Thanks again for this great site where, for a small amount of time each day, I can go back to the days when life was a
little more simple and uncluttered. My memories of high school are friends, pep rallies, ball games, silly pranks and
being able to go off campus for lunch. Most kids today have memories of metal detectors, drugs, campus guards and
lock downs. How could anyone say that our time growing up was not the absolute best?
Thanks again for your time and allowing me to toot my horn a little. I have a PayPal account so I will be more than
happy to send you a donation. You DESERVE IT!!

   Thanks, Mike!  We're delighted to have you join us "officially":



   You probably don't even want to know how much time I spend working on the website and the Newsletters each day. 
I know my family doesn't!  WILD GIGGLES!!!  I've actually cut back recently to keep my evenings computer free as much
as possible,  so that means I'm only spending about ten hours on weekdays on NNHS related matters.  I spend
considerably less time than that on the weekends now.

   I'm glad you're enjoying the site, and that your thoughts are being transported back to those wonderful times.

   And thank you so much for your donation!  They are always happily received and much appreciated!

From Jean Lankes Toth (Hampton HS - '72) of VA  01/19/05 - SURPRISE # 2:

Hi Carol! Thanks for your note; I did not know that Steve had contacted you, plus he never answers his emails; a trait
that is somewhat aggravating, but I think I'll keep him anyway. We have enjoyed your website so much. I have a color
photo of Bill's Barbecue in 1988 that I plan to send IF I get permission from the photographer.

The "relative" who referred us was my cousin Tom Wiatt who still lives in Newport News - Ferguson High School,
Class of '69 or '70 (?)
. He had older brothers who went to Warwick.

I have written a couple of nostalgic stories for the Olde Wythe neighborhood newsletter. See: 

Best regards,
Jean Toth (HHS class of '72 - horrors!)

Here is the photo. This is Bill's on Kecoughtan Road, at night, in 1988.
Please give photo credit to Elizabeth Lankes, should you choose to upload it to the website!!
Thanks, Jean

1988 - Bill's Barbeque - Photo by Elizabeth Lankes          

    WOWZERONI!!!   As Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA said, "WOW!!!  That ranks right
up there with an image of Antine's.  I know you are thrilled."

   Yes, indeedy-doody, I certainly am!  When did we first begin Our Old Stomping Grounds, David?  Was it in about April
of 2003?  Well, whenever it was, we started with about fifteen of the most special places, those dearest to our hearts,
and Antine's and Bill's Barbeque were in that original list.  We've looked long and hard and far and wide to find images
of them both.  This is a treasure!

   I'm in the process of revamping the Bill's Barbeque page (and if I don't finish it soon, Tom Norris - HHS - '73 of VA is
going to shoot me when he comes to retrieve his four old yearbooks), but I simply had to add this now:



   Thanks so very much, Jean!  Oh - and thanks for sharing your articles with us, too, Jean!

From Mike Leonard ('68) of VA and Terry Haney of VA ('66) and Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 01/20/05 - SURPRISES # 3 and 4:

September 15,1963 March 6, 1966          
Platter Princess Jane Coltrain ('64) is married to Gerald Leonard ('66), Mike's brother. Platter Princess Sandy Paine (Warwick HS - '66)
is Terry's wife.
Courtesy of Mike Leonard ('68) of VA - 01/17/05
Thanks, Mike!
Courtesy of Terry Haney ('66) of VA via Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 01/20/05
Thanks, Terry - and Dave!

   This is just TOO cool!  Thanks so much for sharing these, fellas!  And of course, they're posted!


From Susie Overton Jones ('63) of VA - 01/19/05:

Below is obituary for Mr. Mabie Ward Lamb, father of James "Jimmy" Lamb, Class of 1963

Mabie Ward Lamb 

YORKTOWN - Mabie Ward Lamb, 94, passed away on Friday, Jan. 14, 2005. Mr. Lamb was a native of Chester, Pa., and a
Peninsula resident most of his life. He retired from Newport News Shipbuilding in 1975 after 42 years of service. Mr. Lamb was
a charter member of Parkview Baptist Church and a minister of music. After retiring, he moved to Mathews County and was a
member of Mathews Baptist Church and served as minister of music. In 1990 he moved back to the Peninsula and was a member
and deacon of Orcutt Baptist Church. He is survived by his loving wife of 62 years, Marjorie Elizabeth Lamb; a daughter, Patricia
Myers and her husband, Hubert, of Fort Myers, Fla.; a son, James Lamb and his wife, Nettie, of Yorktown; a brother, Edward Lamb
of Newport News; a sister, Marie Stevenson of Newport News; five grandchildren and four great-grandsons. A funeral service will
be held at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 20, in Amory Funeral Home Chapel by the Rev. Furman Kenny. Burial will be private in
Peninsula Memorial Park.

Published in the Daily Press on 1/18/2005.

   Oh, I'm so sorry to learn of this news, Susie.  Thanks for telling us.  As I've said many times, it just doesn't matter when it happens,
losing a parent is never easy.  Our deepest sympathies are extended to Jimmy and his family.

From Dave Arnold ('65) of VA - 01/19/05:

I believe the pronunciation of Sarah Puckett Kressaty's signature line, especially on Robert E. Lee's birthday,
should be "Sarah Sugah".
   Well, you know, Dave Honey, I thought that myself, 'deed I did, but as Sarah herself had signed it "Sarah Sugar", I thought it
would be tacky of me to contradict her.  And as you know, there is nothing worse to a Southern girl than to be perceived as tacky! 
Thanks, Dave!

From Fred Mays ('60) of VA - 01/19/05:

You are so fantastic....I loved reading all in this letter.....Several comments:  Concerning the auditorium at
N.N.H.S.  When I entered N.N.H.S. (8th Grade) in Sept. 1955, we had no auditorium and no cafeteria.  Both
of these were under construction.....NEW, not a renovation.  In my 8th grade music class with Miss Eleanor
, we learned the song, "Bless This House" to be sung at the dedication of the brand new auditorium
which took place in January of 1956.  We all stood and sang this song as a dedication of the beautiful
auditorium.  I shall never forget this. 

Until the second semester, we had to eat our lunch in the class we were scheduled to have after lunch.  I
suppose the upper class members could go out, I am unsure....nevertheless, I took my brown bag lunch and
went to Miss Cassie Childress' math class....I remember not all of my class members were in there; hence,
they must have been allowed to go out.  I was not the type to stray far at 13 years old.  I would go across the
side street and get a bottle COKE from Cofer Motors and drink this with my lunch. 

Bill Gross ('48) (of VA) had some interesting stories of yesteryear.......

Concerning the death of Ronnie Steele ('61), he has a sister who graduated in 1957, Deanna Steele Capps
She is a very special person, and she and her husband are members of my church, Northside Christian.  .......

Concerning the mention by Dave Spriggs ('64 - of VA) of the book, "Newport News:  A Centennial History"  
by John Quarstein and Parke Rouse.....I contributed several images to this book from my collection.  John Q.
does not give recognition under each image, as most seem to do....he gives a number and that number is in the
back with the name of the person who contributed that image.  My greatest disappointment with the book is
that is says Miss (Ethel) Gildersleeve was Dean of Girls at Newport News High from 1920-1940.  Of course,
that is not true, she was there in 1960, when I graduated and was there through 1964 or 1965........Other side, 
the book has so much that you could spend a lot of time reading.  Now John Quarstein is a real historian!  
Parke Rouse died several years ago, just before the book came out....He too was a great historian and the
funeral service at Bruton Parrish Church in Williamsburg was packed.  I was there.

Thanks Carol....I don't know how you do so much....I will have to send a contribution check to you soon.  This
costs a bundle and you alone know how much.
Take care, Frederick W. Mays ('60)

   WOW!  I always enjoy hearing from you, Fred!  You contribute so much to our body of knowledge!

   As far as the costs of the website and Newsletters, the monetary costs are quite simple.  On February 26th a $150.00
payment is due for the space and bandwidth we so love.  This will hold us for another year.  My monthly payment for Time-Warner
Cable Road Runner (DSL not being available in my neighborhood) is about $45.00 a month.  Now if you're talking about the costs
for my time and emotions, well, those are a bit harder to measure!

   Thanks, Fred!

From Joe Drewry ('58) of VA - 01/19/05:

eBay Registration Suspension:  Warning!  This is an email I received.  When I clicked on the link, it took
me to an unbelievable official looking eBay site.  There was a form to fill out that asked for my eBay id
and my PayPal id.  I damn near filled it out it was so official looking.  If you are an eBay member and get
something like this, forward it to the following eBay email.
Never go to a membership site by clicking on a link in an email and then give your password or credit card
info.  Be careful, these guys are good.  Click on the link to see -- just don't give any personal information!!
Please forward this warning to your friends.
   Oh, Joe, these nasty scams are SOOOOO hateful!!!  Even if you take the bait, they can be corrected, but it's a mighty lot
of work and frustration.  There is one big clue of which you should be aware:  if instead of addressing you by name, they say,
"Dear PayPay Customer", or "Dear eBay Customer" or "Dear CitiBank Customer" or whatever - WATCH OUT!!!  It's more
than likely a scam.

   Thanks for the reminder, Joe.  These things are proliferating.

From Brian Beachum ('72) of VA - 01/19/05:

... Iím trying to build a contact list for the 1972 class of NNHS. Iím going to build a web site for that purpose (Iím a
long-time web developer Ė started years ago at NASA) .... If you come across any other Class of 1972 NNHS Typhoons,
please let me know. Thanks.

   Thanks, Brian!  I shall continue to send them your way!

From Bill Hobbs ('66) of Northern VA - 01/19/05:

Hello Carol,

Well I finally did it: went with DSL! It has been so good because I can surf the newsletters so much
faster. This has made a wonderful experience more wonderful than expected. The recent inputs from
our classmates has been unreal. You are also unreal and I remain so thankful for all your efforts; you
are bringing so much happiness to so many. I guess it is the "little things" in life that are really
important. I remain one of your biggest fans and supporters. I pray for God's blessings for you and yours.
I've made up my mind: I'm gonna stay a Typhoon forever and ever, Amen!
                                            Thanks again for everything you do
                                                        Bill Hobbs " 66"

   Well, congratulations, Bill!  I know better than most just how much you're going to enjoy your high-speed connection!  And
thanks for your support!  I get a big kick out of what I do, but knowing that there are people like you who enjoy and appreciate it
all makes it ever so much sweeter!

From Cathy Slusser Hudson ('64) of VA - 01/19/05:

Hi Carol:
I was reading Fred Field's ('45 - of CA) memories of Drum Majors and he mentioned Edward Fleenor.  Eddie Fleenor
also was in the Post 25 American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps and it later became known as the Virginia Gentlemen Drum
and Bugle Corps. My dad was the Bass Drummer for the Virginia Gentlemen and he was the Drum Major for the American
Legion Post 25 Drum and Bugle Corps. I traveled to Performances  and Competitions with them since I was four years old. 
My dad is 88 years old and living in Richmond, Virginia. We talk about the old members of the band when we get together.
A greater bunch of men you could not find. They were great musicians and a fine group to be associated with.  Eddie Fleenor
was a great musician and a wonderful person.   

   Thanks, Cathy!   On October 29, I spotted this card on eBay, and immediately swiped the image (one day, somebody's gonna
shoot me for that), in case we might need it some day.  I'd say that day has arrived. 


"Braxton Perkins Post 25 American Legion home located on Marshall Ave. in Newport News, VA, was recently completed at a cost
of $122,000.  The 25 acre tract on which it stands was donated by Harry J. Aaron, Philanthropist and Prominent Legionnaire".
Card by Edward J. Streeky.


   So I suppose we ought to have a new page, too, hmmm?  Okay, you twisted my arm - GIGGLES!!!



   I (of course) ran this by Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA for the musical selection.  He chose wisely (as always): Lee Greenwood's
"God Bless The USA":

In particular, these lyrics seem to be quite appropriate for the American Legion:

And I won't forget the men who died
Who gave that right to me
And I'll gladly stand up next to you
And defend her still today

Thank you, David!  Nobody does it better!

From Linda Lane Lane ('64) of VA - 01/19/05:

I'm not sure if anyone let you know about the death of Ronnie Steele, age 61.  He was the brother of Judy Steele Sutton
and brother-in-law of Lee Sutton ('64).  Services are Thursday in Newport News.  I didn't know him but certainly
know Judy and Lee.  Lee was a next door neighbor when we lived in Idaho. Our heart felt sympathy to the entire Steele family.

   Thanks, Linda.  I tried to make all the family connections, but I certainly had not made that one.  Our heartfelt sympathies
are extended to Judy and Lee as well as the rest of the family.

From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 01/20/05:

Greetings from Tampa Bay:
I could not be more excited. I sent Jimmy Parker ('62 - of VA) a couple of photos that I shared with you guys, and
he told me in a return email he was coming to Florida .
This evening he called me and we are set to meet in Saturday in St. Cloud, and have lunch.
It will be nice to see my old Marine Corps buddy, and recall our experiences like getting eaten by chiggers and ticks,
and sleeping in the mud.
Hope you had a chance to see some or all of the Inauguration today.

   WOWZERONI!!!   How cool is that?!?  Of course, it would be even cooler if I could be there too, but that's not
going to happen, so y'all just be sure to take some digitals for us - especially for me!

   Okay, I can't go to St. Cloud, but I am supposed to go to Atlanta towards the end of next month.  The only other time I've ever
been to Atlanta was when I flew out for my 35th Reunion in October of 2000, and I only saw the airport then, so that should be
great fun.

   Meanwhile, I'm wildly excited for you both!!  Semper Fidelis, Gentlemen!  Maybe I can do some log overdue work on the
Famous Military pages this week.

From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 01/21/05:

The Raleigh "snow incident" as reported by AP:


  Oh, yes sir, Wayne Honey!  I was privileged to watch repeated accounts of this on out local news stations.  What can I say? 
My, my, my!  Thanks for sharing it with the group - and for everything else you do!

From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 01/21/05:


With today's mail, donations to the Class Treasury associated with the CD Reunion Mix and the Slide
Show reached $400.00.

I want to thank all those who have requested these items and ask for their patience; I am burning CDs
as fast as I can.

    WOWZERS!!  That's great news, Dave!  Well, it's a lot of work for you, I know, but for those of us who are the beneficiaries
of your considerable talents, it's great fun!  I cannot begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed mine!  Thanks again!!!

From Susie Overton Jones ('63) of VA - 01/21/05:

Hello Carol,

We have had snow again, so I'm staying in and trying to do things that need to be done, housework! Yuck!! and taxes.

Anyway, in a letter from Brownie (Shaffer Haracivet - '62 - of the Virgin Islands), she says she will be traveling
to the Western Caribbean Jan 30. I checked out her cruise and it really sounds like a great vacation. Brownie, enjoy the
cruise and let us know how it is.

My husband and I will be leaving on Feb 6 for an 11 day cruise to the Southern Caribbean. Still plenty of cabins available. http://www.hollandamerica.com  or http://www.warwicktravel.com  (Warwick Travel is the agency I book with,
and have been using for several years, they do an excellent job in taking care of their client.)

No better way to vacation than cruising, especially when it cold in VA. Barbados was 87 degrees last week, looking
forward to warm weather and sitting by the pool.

Take care and keep warm,

   Oh, cool!  Or I should say, OOOOH - WARM!!!  GIGGLES!!!  You and Tom have fun, Susie!  Thanks for sharing this with us!

   There was more I had to add, but I was forced to go shopping (grrrrr!) before the storm hit, so perhaps I'll catch up to myself soon.

   Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!

                          Love to all, Carol


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"Dixie" midi courtesy of http://www.geocities.com/Nashville/8313/dixieslow.mid
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 08/10/03
Thanks, Dave!

Jackson Images courtesy of http://www.vmi.edu/archives/jackson/Photocoll/jacksonimages_exhibit.asp - 01/19/05

Large Confederate Divider Bar clip art courtesy of http://www.tennessee-scv.org/Camp1513/clipart6.htm - 01/18/05

Small Confederate Divider Bar clip art courtesy of http://www.geocities.com/garebel942/clipart.html - 01/18/05

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