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01/19/08 - NNHS Newsletter -
Robert E. Lee’s 201st Birthday

"You must study to be frank with the world: frankness is the child of honesty
and courage. Say just what you mean to do on every occasion, and take it
for granted that you mean to do right."

- Robert Edward Lee
(19 Jan 1807 - 12 Oct 1870)

Dear Friends and Schoolmates,

   One of the very best things about January is that so many great people were born then, and it offers us the opportunity to celebrate their births.  Every true Virginian knows that today marks the birth of her one of her Very Favorite Sons,  Robert E. Lee.  We of course celebrate this day every year: - 3.74 MB .mp3 version


   Happy Birthday this week to:

21 -   Carol Collier Sparrow ('63) of VA;
22 -
  Bruce Sims ('56) of VA AND Carolyn Clark Wilt ('57) AND Sandra Sherman Filippo ('57) AND   
 Rochelle Spooner ('63) of NY;
23 -
  Chandler Nelms (Hampton HS - '63) of MD AND  My Newest Daughter-in-Law,   Diana Lyons Harty (Portsmouth HS, NH / Eastlake HS, CA - '05) of VA (soon to be MA);
25 -
    Jeannie Collier Fitzgerald ('65) of VA.

   Many Happy Returns to you all!

From Real Age Tips of the Week - 01/18/08 - "Today, Jan. 18: The anti-Alzheimer's diet . . .":

The Dinner Choice That Thwarts Alzheimer's

Recipe for a sharp mind: chop some mango, jalapeno, and cilantro; toss together with lime juice, salt, and pepper; then spoon generously over grilled fish.

The combo of fatty acids from the fish and antioxidants from the fresh fruit helps protect the brain from dementia. Here’s how these -- and other -- nutrients boost your brain.

Oh, Those Omega-3s

Eating lots of omega-3-rich fish is a good start on your trip toward a perpetually sharp mind. (Read this article for five other brain foods.) Omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory, which may be the reason for their mind-preserving powers. In fact, getting enough omega-3s in your diet may offset the increased dementia risk that comes from loading up on too many inflammation-linked fats like omega-6s from corn oil and soybean oil.

      From one of my Famous Marines,  Herb Hice of MI, who served in the Pacific Theater during WWII -  01/18/08 - "Dear Carol / Dimples, WOW, Get out the WD 40":

Dear Carol / Dimples
I use WD 40 for everything, If that don't work I get out the Duct Tape, If that don't work, Nothing left to do but PRAY.
I found this bug in the last email you sent.  I'm sending it back.  Please be more careful next

   WILD GIGGLES! Thanks, Herbie Darlin' - I'll try!

       From My #5 Son, Nathaniel (Harty - Hillsboro HS, IL - '97 - of IL) - 01/17/08:

Hey Mom,

This site is full of photographs from the WWI and WWII eras.  I thought y'all might be interested:

Love ya, and talk to ya later.

   WOWZERONI - one could literally spend hours looking in here! Thanks so much, Faniel, I love you, too!

    From Glenn Dye ('60) of TX - 01/18/08 - "ABSOLUTELY THE BEST MUST WATCH ALL VIDEOS - FABULOUS":


This guy is FANTASTIC!!! (see links) - WATCH THIS LINK FIRST!!!!!!

   WOWZERONI! These are extremely entertaining! Thanks, Glenn!

    From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 01/18/08:

Hi, Carol:
Just a quick note to thank    Joe Drewry ('58) of VA for the update regarding the Virginia Tech vs. University of Virginia basketball game in which the "Hokies" won after a long dry spell dating back to the days of Chris Ellis. This update is more than interesting to me, as I had the pleasure of managing basketball teams on which Nelson Ellis ('56) of VA and Donald Ellis ('58) of VA played for the TYPHOON, who were the older brothers of Chris Ellis ('64) of VA.
VT Head Basketball Coach Seth Greenburg left the University of South Florida to move to Blacksburg, and offered his Assistant Coach, Michael Madagan an opportunity to join the staff at VT. Before Michael gave his answer to the offer, Saint Leo University offered Michael the Head Basketball Coaching job, which he accepted to make his family situation more stable. But with all the history recorded by Joe Drewry, I could not help but think it would have been another "Small World" tale is Michael was coaching VT when they defeated UVA. After reading Seth's quote in the Daily Press, I see he is still the master of the understatement.
TYPHOON Regards,
Joe Madagan ('58) of FL

   Thanks, Major Madagan! That's close enough to a Small World tale to qualify in my book!

    From Harry Covert ('57) of Northern VA - 01/19/08 - "The Covert Letter .... One of My favorite Judges":

One of my favorite jurists is retired Alexandria, Va., General District Court Judge Daniel Fairfax O’Flaherty. 
Check the link below for the full column from this week's

   WOWZERONI-RINI!!! What a great story - good for you AND the wise Judge! Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Harry!

    From Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 01/19/08 - "Troubleshooting Sounds":

Hi, Carol:
Upon reading a recent Newsletter, I noticed a subscriber who recently acquired Microsoft Vista was encountering difficulty with the musical sounds being blocked when opening the Newsletter.
Of course, you gave her good advice about calling the Microsoft Help Desk for advice, as Vista does have a robust security system.
One way to begin the self help procedure is to go to Control Panel | Sounds, Speech, Audio Devices | Troubleshooters | ? Sound.
That might be a quick fix. Hope it works.
TYPHOON Regards,
Joe Madagan ('57) of FL

   Thanks so much, Adonis! I hope that works for her, too!


1. Friday and Saturday, May 16 - 17, 2008 - NNHS CLASS OF 1958

    From Jerry Blanchard ('62) of VA - 01/12/08 - "Gas Stations Of Yesteryear-------------------------this IS REAL Americana" (#1 in a Series of 37):

Carol, do not know if you would like to show these or not. Just brings back a lot memories from yesteryear. Hope you like them. 

Jerry Blanchard (62) of Va.

Gas Stations Of  Yesteryear

Back when life was much simpler and gas was 18-25 cents a gallon!!

(or there about) and as low as 17 cents during gas wars.


Old American Gas Stations from all around the country  
Some are abandoned, some are restored and many are still in use.  


Yeah . . .  I remember!

 And with a fill-up you got the gas pumped for you, your windshield cleaned, oil and fluids checked, tires checked,
a free map, if you wanted it, and greeted in ENGLISH !!!

Yeah! I remember!!!

Enjoy Your Days & Love Your Life.... Because...."Life is a journey to be savored."

  Thanks, Jerry, I remember them quite fondly, too!

   Y'all take care of each other!  TYPHOONS FOREVER!  We'll Always Have Buckroe!

                          Love to all, Carol 





Carol Buckley Harty
219 Four Ply Lane
Fayetteville, NC 29311-9305

Ashokan Farewell

Words by Grian MacGregor
Music by Jay Ungar, 1982

The sun is sinking low in the sky above Ashokan.
The pines and the willows know soon we will part.
There's a whisper in the wind of promises unspoken,
And a love that will always remain in my heart.

My thoughts will return to the sound of your laughter,
The magic of moving as one,
And a time we'll remember long ever after
The moonlight and music and dancing are done.

Will we climb the hills once more?
Will we walk the woods together?
Will I feel you holding me close once again?
Will every song we've sung stay with us forever?
Will you dance in my dreams or my arms until then?

Under the moon the mountains lie sleeping
Over the lake the stars shine.
They wonder if you and I will be keeping
The magic and music, or leave them behind.

"Ashokan Farewell" midi courtesy of
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 05/24/06
Thanks, Dave!

"Ashokan Farewell" lyrics courtesy of
also at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 05/24/06
Thanks again, Dave!  I did not know that lyrics existed!

Early R. E. Lee Image courtesy of - 07/23/04

Later R. E. Lee Image courtesy of - 01/18/05

Large Confederate Divider Bar clip art courtesy of - 01/18/05

Small Confederate Divider Line clip art courtesy of - 05/31/06

Animated Tiny Birthday Cake clip art courtesy of Sarah Puckett Kressaty ('65) of VA - 08/31/05
Thanks, Sarah Sugah!

Crab clip art courtesy of - 10/02/05

Marine Corps Seal clip art courtesy of Herbert Hice of MI - one of my Famous Marines who served in the South Pacific during WWII.
Thanks, Herbie!

Eastlake High School Logo courtesy of - 10/17/07

Hillsboro Topper (Band Version) clip art courtesy of - 06/07/08
Thanks, Mark!

Army Seal clip art also courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 05/24/06
Thanks again, Al!

Navy Seal clip art courtesy of - 05/29/06

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